MITES 2010 Advanced Calculus

In a nutshell


Instructor: Prof. Julia Wolf, Email: julia.wolf at cantab dot net
Lectures: Mo We Fr, 10:45am-12:15pm in 2-105
Teaching assistant: Julia Titarelli, Email: juliast at mit dot edu
Recitation: Th, 3:45-4:45pm in 2-105
Problem sets: due by 9am on Tuesday morning
Links: official MITES website
Prerequisites: first semester calculus
Office hours: Mo 8-9pm, or by appointment

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The following list of topics covered is tentative so please check back frequently for up-to-date information.

MondayJun 21 lecture 1: integration by parts, u-substitution
WednesdayJun 23 lecture 2: polar coordinates and curves
FridayJun 25 lecture 3: vectors, dot and cross products
MondayJun 28 lecture 4: partial derivatives, chain rule
Wednesday Jun 30 lecture 5: surfaces, tangent planes
FridayJul 2 lecture 6: gradient, directional derivatives
Monday Jul 5 lecture 7*: local and global extrema
Wednesday Jul 7 midterm
Friday Jul 9 lecture 8: Lagrange multipliers, 2D integrals
Monday Jul 12 lecture 9: 3D integrals, change of variables
Wednesday Jul 14 lecture 10: line integrals of scalar and vector fields
Friday Jul 16 lecture 11: exact differentials, Green's theorem
Monday Jul 19 lecture 12: surface integrals of scalar and vector fields
Wednesday Jul 21 lecture 13: divergence theorem, Stokes's theorem
Friday Jul 23 no session**
Monday Jul 26 review session
ThursdayJul 29 final exam***

* short session: 10:10-11:10am
** final projects presentation
*** special time: 9:00-11:00am

There will be NO calculators in the classroom. I am hoping to teach you to use your brain instead. Calculators will NOT be permitted in any of the exams.

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Recitations are an integral part of your college education, and will be run by our teaching assistant Julia Titarelli. It is absolutely vital that you prepare for each session by doing the problem sets below and handing in solutions on time.

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Problem sets

Problems sets will be posted below in due course. A total of 60 points is available for homework (see grading information below).

Warm-up problems (due date: Tu, Jun 22)
Problem set 1 (due date: Tu, Jun 29)
Problem set 2 (due date: Tu, Jul 6)
Midterm formula sheet, review problems and sketch solutions
Problem set 3 (due date: Tu, Jul 13)
Problem set 4 (due date: Tu, Jul 20)
Problem set 5 (due date: Su, Jul 25)
Final formula sheet, review problems and sketch solutions

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Grading information

A total of 300 points will be available for this class, allocated as follows.

Final exam:160
Midterm exam:  80
Problem sets:  60

The midterm exam will take place during regular class time in our regular class room, meaning we will start promptly at 10:45am. The midterm exam will cover all the material up to and including that covered on Monday, July 5.

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Useful links

Here are a couple of links to applets and websites that I have used or recommended in class:

David Little's applet for parametric curves
David Little's applet for surfaces
MIT OpenCourseWare 18.02

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Congratulations to our program award winners:

Brandon Garcia (Director's Award)
Bradley Jean-Baptiste (Ramsey Award)
Estefania Avila (Trilling Award)
Jonathan Calderon (Harris Award)
Pablo Suero (Trilling Award)

All of them demonstrated excellent academic performance throughout the program.
In addition, the following students were recognized for their achievement through class awards:

Jeremy Kaplan (Academic Excellence)
Diego Giraldez (Most Improved)
Khalil Griffin (Most Improved)
Hana Page (Big Delta)
Nicolas Bravo (Peer Mentorship)

Academic Excellence

Most Improved

Most Improved

Big Delta

Peer Mentorship

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